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Double Belly Buster Package

  • 2 Belly Busters
  • 4 Pitchers of Soda
  • 12 Balloons
  • 20 Crazy Straws

We will set your party up in it's own section with room enough for parties large or small.

All for $99!


The Organ that was in Redwood City and is part of our history. 

Our Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ was built in 1926 by the WurliTzer Company of North Tonawanda, New York and was originally installed in the Fifth Avenue Theater in Seattle, Washington.  It was used at that time to provide the orchestral background for silent motion pictures and continued doing so until mid 1929, the time when the silent screen learned to talk.  After that, the organ was used to provide intermission and pre-show entertainment.  Eventually the cost of maintaining the organ forced it into storage where it remained until we rescued it in 1969 and brought it to Redwood City and installed it in Pizza & Pipes, where it has been playing five or six nights per week ever since. 

The organ has a four manual console (keyboard) that controls 23 ranks (different instrumental sounds) of pipes.  Sound is produced by air passing through the pipes when the "stop key" for a particular sound and a key on the manual are depressed.  The air is suplied by a 15 horsepower blower (fan) and carried through a series of wind lines to the windchests on which the pipes sit.  In addition to the pipework, the organ has six tuned percussions; xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba harp, chrysoglott (vibes), sleighbells and chimes and a "toy counter" consisting of traps, drums and various special effects, all of which are moved or struck by air pressure.  All of the switching in the organ is done by a 15 volt direct current electrical system controlled by an electro-pneumatic relay and supplied by a current rectifier. 

Longtime children's favorite, Cheetah the Monkey, sits atop the organ and plays his symbols, while grinning ear to ear.  Another favorite, Tweety Bird, is part of the toy counter.  In recent years, Tweety has gone deaf from listening to the train whistle. 

The organ has been maintained for years by Warren Lubich, who is our Director of Entertainment.  Warren currently plays on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

Music Biography: Warren Lubich

Warren Lubich began studying piano at the age of seven.  After four years of classical training his interests turned to the popular music of the time and he continued with two years of study in harmony and arranging.  The sound of the theatre organ could still be heard on occasions in San Francisco's movie palaces and Warren looked forward to the day he might have a chance to play one.  Upon graduation from college he became involved with the Avenue Theatre in San Francisco and it's Wurlitzer, which had been transplanted from the State Lake Theatre in Chicago, and was soon named staff organist, performing interludes before the silent movies on Friday nights. 

In 1976 Warren became staff organist for the Pizza and Pipes Restaurants and is currently the featured Saturday and Sunday night organist at the Redwood City location.  In 1980 Warren made his overseas concert debut in England and has since performed twenty two concerts in England, Australia and New Zealand.  A number of silent film shows at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise, Idaho are included in his many stateside appearances.  In 1993 Warren joined the organ staff at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland and plays the Friday night intermissions there. 

Several times a month Warren entertains visitors to historic Filoli Gradens in Woodside, CA.  playing the grand piano in the ballroom of this majestic estate.  And if you hear a Calliope anywhere in the Bay Area, it is most likely Warren with the Red Garter Musicians.